Being in the dental field we have heard a lot of hogwash when it comes to oral care. It seems that every one has some home remedies or flawed logic when it comes to keeping your teeth pearly white and your mouth bacteria free.

Here is some of the worst dental advice that we’ve ever heard.

You Can Brush With Your Finger

We’ve all been there. You are on vacation and you forgot one of the most important items… your tooth brush. Many people believe if they simply put some tooth paste on their finger and rub it against their teeth they will get the same effect as a solid brushing.

The truth is that the brush itself is what does the majority of the heavy lifting when you are brushing your teeth. While tooth paste may contain abrasive ingredients and whitening compounds, it’s the brush itself that removes the plaque that causes tooth decay and gum disease.

Mints are Just As Good as Brushing

We don’t know how this myth has been propagated but mints are in no way a substitute for proper brushing and oral care. While mints might mask bad breath and make your mouth feel clean, they do nothing to actually combat tooth decay.

You Only Need to Visit the Dentist if You Have a Toothache

Visiting the dentist may not be your favorite part of the year, but it is completely false that you should only visit the dentist if you are experiencing pain. Serious dental issues like gum disease and tooth decay can already be rampant in the mouth before a patient experiences any pain.

That is why we recommend our patients visit the office at least twice a year for a proper examination and cleaning. If gum disease is caught early it can be reversed. If not, you may be at risk of serious periodontitis or even tooth loss.

Call our Goodyear Dental Office to make an appointment with a dentist who may be able to help you find out more about this topic, and improve your oral health.