It’s July in the Valley of the Sun and that means that we are in the dead of summer. Temperatures are rising about the 110 degree mark and the air conditioning bill is rising ever-higher. While these aspects of an Arizona summer may bring a frown to your face there is plenty to smile about during the blistering heat!

Relaxing by the Pool

This is the reason why people move to Arizona! There is nothing better than grilling up some burgers and enjoying a refreshing beverage by the pool. Don’t have a pool? Visit one of Arizona’s water parks like Sunsplash or Big Surf!

The Sunsets

Az sunset

You can’t deny that there is nothing more beautiful than an Arizona sunset during the summer. As the sun descends over our beautiful mountain ridges it appears the sky were painted with the most wonderful palette.

Monsoon Season

In every other state in the U.S. a “rainy day” is considered a bad thing but if you’ve lived in Arizona for any period of time you know rain only comes a couple times a year. For your little ones playing in the rain will give them cherished memories, just like this little girl’s first experience.



The summer months are the best time to go camping in Arizona. With a wide array of camp grounds and mountains to explore there is nothing better than going up north with the family to experience nature and get away from it all.  Some great family spots to camp in Arizona include Fossil Creek, Havasupai, and Christopher Creek

Remembering We Don’t Have Blizzards

No matter how unbearably hot it gets during the summer it will always bring a smile to our face that while the rest of country suffers through harsh winters, we can walk outside without wearing a huge jacket!

So smile on Arizonans and  call our Goodyear Dental Office to make an appointment with a dentist who may be able to help you find out more about this topic, and improve your oral health.