Have you ever heard of preventive dentistry? Believe it or not, there are dental procedures designed to prevent problems from ever occurring. This strategy of circumventing oral health issues is the focal point of dental sealants – let’s bring you up to speed!

While many people think dental work is performed exclusively to treat a noticeable problem with your oral health – cavity fillings, root canals for infected teeth, etcetera – preventive dentistry boosts the natural defenses of your existing teeth. Dental sealants can bolster the effectiveness of your regular brushing & flossing routine, keeping sensitive areas of the tooth closed off from decay.

Depositphotos s xA dental sealant is actually a thin plastic resin secured to the surface area of your tooth, particularly trouble spots like the crown of your molars. These dental sealants are especially important to children, as their developing permanent teeth are especially subject to cavities and decay.

The procedure for dental sealants is remarkably straight forward and often only takes about an hour – you likely won’t experience any discomfort. The dentist first applies the resin material to the target area and allows it to set, ensuring it won’t interfere with your bite. After the resin is in place, a special curing light is used to harden the resin and make it a permanent fixture of the tooth.

It’s important to note that while dental sealants can work tremendously safeguard your natural teeth, maintaining your regular routine is essential – especially for preserving the life of your sealants. Sealants don’t arrive with a set lifespan, but they can certainly last a much longer time when properly cared for.

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