Is natural toothpaste any better than traditional? Looking at the ingredients listed on the back of the average toothpaste tube is enough to make your head spin – are we really putting all these chemicals into our mouth on a regular basis. Perhaps this explains why more people are opting for a more natural alternative.

The controversy seems to arise over a few key ingredients contained within the average toothpaste. It should be noted that although we ingest a certain amount of paste when brushing our teeth, it is not enough to warrant much concern.

In truth, there are some ingredients we should be cautious of when it comes to our traditional toothpastes. Some of these toothpastes contain harmful abrasives and unhealthy chemicals. Some health researchers suggest we steer clear of chemicals like propylene glycol, a solvent found in anti-freeze. It’s important to note this solvent is also found in makeup so its danger is not totally transparent.

Some people fear fluoride is another dangerous component of toothpaste, but there’s little evidence to corroborate this theory. Commonly used to strengthen the enamel, fluoride is considered harmless when used in smaller doses.

While traditional toothpastes are considered perfectly safe when used according to their recommendations, natural toothpastes can give others more peace of mind. Take exception though, just because it’s sold in a ‘natural’ store doesn’t mean it’s made from natural ingredients.

Are natural toothpastes actually any better for your overall oral hygiene? While these toothpastes are void of chemicals and other solvents, there’s no definitive evidence that a natural paste has a significant edge on the toothpaste you’re already used to using every day. The important thing is natural toothpaste still fights tooth decay.

Looking for some natural toothpastes? We suggest brands including Dr. Ken’s All Natural Maximum Care, Tom’s of Maine, and The Natural Dentist.

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