Hate is a harsh word, but how else might you describe your child’s tumultuous relationship with the dental chair? When that dreaded appointment rolls around, suddenly it’s a waterfall of tears coupled with heavy feet. Why does this happen and how in the world do you fix it? (Hint: bribery goes a long way!)

The tension beforehand

Kids experience anxiety much like adults only they’re less equipped to deal with it. Keeping your child comfortable just prior to their appointment can help soothe their nerves. Do they have a favorite movie? Watch it together. Is there a simple meal always guaranteed to put a smile on their face? Whip it up. Make sure your child enters their appointment with a positive frame of mind.

Dental instruments or environment can be scary

When most people picture the dentist they also picture a big drill or needle. Imagination has a tendency to run wild especially among kids, fear of the unknown is very real. Dental instruments your child isn’t already familiar with can easily become a threat.

Our doctors appreciate the special circumstances that exist in our more anxious patients, always taking their comfort into consideration. Schedule a time for you and your child to tour our office and we’ll be happy to offer an informal introduction. It helps when your child knows exactly what to expect during their procedure.

“What’s my incentive, mom?”

A tool as old as time itself, ask any parent, the occasional bribe goes a long way with kids who hate the dentist. No, you don’t need to buy your kid the latest Apple device just for putting on a brave face, but having something to look forward to always helps appointments go by faster. When your little trooper finishes the dirty work, take them to a trip to the bookstore or schedule a pizza night.

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