If anyone has ever told you that your breath stinks, you know how quickly it can deflate your ego. Many of us look for a quick fix and pop breath mints or chewing gum but this doesn’t curb bad breath altogether.

Understanding the real source of your bad breath is the only way to treat it once and for all. Most often the culprit to your stinky breath is a buildup of bacteria in the mouth. Oral bacteria accumulates and creates inflammation that leads to an unpleasant odor.

Do you frequently suffer from bad breath? The dentist could quickly become your best friend! Problems with your teeth & gums like cavities or gum disease can contribute to bad breath. This makes routine dental cleanings and other procedures all the more important.

Other underlying health issues can cause bad breath too. Medical conditions like diabetes, acid reflux and respiratory tract infections are the most common sources. While bad breath is on the lower end of ailments here, make sure to speak with a doctor to keep these conditions in check.

We recommend visiting our AZ dentists no less than twice a year. Not only will regular dental checkups give you a clean bill of oral health, your breath will be free of noxious odors. If you suffer from bad breath, stow away the breath mints and call Goodyear Dental Office today!