Canyon Trails has become the dentist Goodyear trusts thanks to invaluable oral education. Most recently we’re hoping to educate our valued patients on how disease like diabetes affects their oral health. If you’ve been diagnosed with diabetes, you’ll need to

Diabetes is characterized as a chronic disease that affects the body’s ability to process sugar. This condition creates high blood sugar which soon creates problems with parts of the body. It can gradually create major health concerns relating to vision, the nervous system and other essential organs. The condition also lowers your immunity to infectious disease and slows the healing process.

Having diabetes leaves you more susceptible to developing oral health conditions like gum disease. The latest research shows that the link between gum disease and diabetes goes both ways. Due to lower immune system response and slower healing, diabetes opens the door to gum disease. Adversely, treating gum disease among the diabetic has been shown to improve one’s blood sugar control.

Diabetics are also at risk to fungal infections. Again, as diabetes compromises the immune system, the body is more prone to developing these infections. If you ever experience symptoms such as painful sores and trouble swallowing, it could be the result of fungal infection. Contact the dentist Goodyear relies on most!

Finally, infection and delayed healing are a general concern among the diabetic. Are you slated to undergo a more invasive surgical procedure? Your dentist will potentially prescribe antibiotics in order to minimize the risk of infection. Controlling the blood glucose levels before and following surgery will ensure the healing process is not compromised.

Your friends at Canyon Trail remind you to get checked for diabetes if you’re considered at risk. Find out if you’re at risk with this simple diabetes risk assessment test.

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