We all know diet plays an important role in our oral health, but how many of us are actually doing anything about it?

Let’s start with the most important meal of the day: breakfast. Here are some tips for parents that can help build a better start to their children’s day – we trust they’ll see the positive benefits in their smile!

Rule #1 – Don’t skip breakfast

Believe it or not, an estimated 56 percent of Americans actually skip breakfast altogether. These individuals are missing out on an important opportunity to take in essential nutrients for energy throughout the day and other vitamins like calcium that can help fortify their teeth.

Rule #2 – Drink your milk

Speaking of calcium, one of the best sources for your daily intake comes from milk. Research shows that most of us aren’t getting enough calcium every day, especially children. Serve up the milk and even add a slice of cheese to the mix.

Rule #3 – Eat your veggies

A well-balanced diet also serves to help your oral health, even warding off infection and disease like diabetes. Experts recommend that we take in at least five servings of fruits & veggies each day. Veggies are a little easier to get down when added to omelets or leafy meal options

Rule #4 – Ditch the sugar cereals

The majority of cold cereals geared toward children are rife with sugar – find better alternatives for breakfast. If time permits, forego the processed foods altogether – nutrition and other cereal bars aren’t much better. Serve up some fruit bowls or serve up delicious breakfast smoothies.

Rule #5 – Load up on protein

Help your child feel less hungry and more energized throughout the early afternoon by providing them good sources of protein. Serve up raw nuts like almonds with breakfast, it can make a big difference!

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