Canyon Trails is a low-cost dentist in Goodyear, AZ which relies on for affordable pricing on premium dental services. Our philosophy is that you don’t always have to pay a lot to receive a great value.

So what can you do with all that money that you save when you make Canyon Trails your regular dentist? That’s a great question – we’ve got a few ideas on what you shouldn’t buy.

Actor Nicholas Cage saved up to purchase a pyramid-shaped tomb to ensure that he could lay to rest in the style of Egyptian king. This nine-foot-tall tomb, located in a New Orleans cemetery, is one of many crazy purchases he’s made. The actor also lays claim to a dinosaur skull, a pet octopus and two islands.

Owning an island is one thing, purchasing a small town is quite another. Actress Kim Basinger purchased the majority of Braselton in 1989, a town consisting of some 500 people. We’re not exactly sure what you do with an investment like that, but hey, go for it!

This next splurge is just plain bizarre – one eBay user paid $3,000 for an imaginary friend. British native Jon Malipieman grew tired of his imaginary friend and decided to put him up for auction – poor guy. The transaction received 31 bids and was successfully sold, despite eBay’s strict policy on non-tangible items.

Some fans will go a long way to be close to their idols. One obsessed fan spent just over $1000 for the luxury of owning Justin Timberlake’s partially-eaten French toast. Maybe she was just really, really hungry.

Finally, the lead singer of rock band U2, Bono, shelled out on airfare … for his signature hat. The well-known activist paid approximately $1,600 to have his cap rushed over. The journey included a cab to the airport, a first-class ticket to Bologna, and a chauffeured driver from the airport to the gig location. Wow.

We’ll leave it up to you how you spend your extra savings after treatment from Canyon Trails!