Teeth Whitening

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Do you want a brighter smile? You don’t have to spend a fortune on whitening products to receive noticeable results. Canyon Trails makes getting a beautiful white smile easier than ever.

Have you ever wondered why there are so many whitening products on the market? From brushes, toothpaste, bleaching strips and pens – many of these products just don’t work.

Professional whitening services are the most effective solution. Dental bleaching is a popular cosmetic dentistry procedure. When you see your results, you’ll understand why.

How Does Dental Bleaching Work?

Bleaching is a cosmetic dentistry procedure that restores the natural color of your teeth. It’s one of the most popular and proven procedures available to brighten your smile.

The procedure begins as water works with carbamide peroxide to create hydrogen peroxide, a recognized bleaching agent. This material helps oxidize your teeth deep under the enamel, removing stains built up from food/drink and natural aging.

Professional whitening services from our AZ dental offices are the fastest way to see whiter teeth! Special tools not available on the commercial market help us achieve luminous results. You’ll see a whiter smile in as few as one or two dental appointments.

How Much Does Whitening Cost?

Interested in teeth whitening pricing options? Contact us today!

Pricing can vary depending on many factors. Also note your insurance company may be unwilling to cover the cost of any cosmetic procedure.