Night Guard

See why custom night guards are the best way to protect your smile each and every night. Guard your teeth from costly and painful damage!night guards to help teeth grinding

How Do Custom Night Guards Work?

Your custom night guard works by covering the teeth and protecting them from damaging contact. The night guard will adhere to your natural teeth and prevent damage from occurring during sleep; the time your teeth are the most vulnerable. Every night guard is custom built using your own dental impression. The night guard is comfortable enough for every night use because it’s fit to your bite. It’s a natural fit that will never affect the way you sleep!

Do I Need a Night Guard?

Have you or a family member experienced grinding teeth throughout the night? You might require a night guard if you often suffer from headaches, jaw pain, toothaches, worn teeth or other cosmetic damages. The condition of grinding teeth is referred to as Bruxism (BRUK-siz-um). Most of us never realize we’re affected by the condition until we discover cosmetic damage or other dental injury following sleep.

How Much Do Custom Night Guards Cost?

A custom night guard is affordable on virtually any budget! Contact Canyon Trails family dentistry today to discuss available pricing options.