Cosmetic Dentistry

The term “cosmetic dentistry” encompasses a wide variety of dental procedures geared at improving your smile and tooth functionality. Cosmetic dentistry may be done to replace teeth that have been lost to tooth decay or injury, to remove teeth that cause crowding, to whiten teeth, and to straighten crooked teeth. Here are just a few procedures that we perform on a regular basis here at Canyon Trails.


Bleaching or teeth whitening is a popular cosmetic procedure to turn your teeth movie star white. Tooth discoloration can occur through genetics, medication, sugary sodas, wine and cigarettes. Teeth whitening is a relatively short procedure which can be performed with just one visit to your dentist.

Additionally, there are methods to whiten your teeth at home without ever having to sit in the dentist’s chair. Products like Crest whitening strips typically take 2 to 4 weeks to produce noticeable results.


When a tooth is damaged from poor homecare and decay, crowns or caps will be furnished to cover a tooth and restore its normal shape and appearance. Crowns are typically used when a tooth is so far gone that other methods would prove ineffective.


Bonding is a procedure that utilizes tooth-colored materials to fill in the gaps between teeth and change the color of the teeth. Similar to whitening, bonding requires only a single office visit but can last for several years. The long term benefits are counteracted by the fact that bonding is more susceptible to staining and chipping than other forms of restoration.

Contouring/ Reshaping

Tooth reshaping or contouring is a procedure performed to correct crooked, chipped or irregularly shaped teeth with just one visit to the office. Contouring can be used as an alternative to orthodontic treatment if patients are only hoping to make small, subtle changes to their smile.

Consult with you dentist to go over your options and to see if you are a good candidate for cosmetic dentistry.