The Worst Dental Advice We’ve Ever Heard

Being in the dental field we have heard a lot of hogwash when it comes to oral care. It seems that every one has some home remedies or flawed logic when it comes to keeping your teeth pearly white and your mouth bacteria free. Here is some of the worst dental advice that we’ve ever… Read more

Why Good Oral Health Can Save Your Life

You might think that strong oral health is only good for your teeth, mouth and gums but having a happy healthy mouth can actually affect the rest of your body, and could save your life! The mouth, like most parts of the body, is teeming with bacteria. Now normally the body’s natural defenses and a… Read more

5 Best Sites About AZ

Arizona may not make national news too often, but residents know there’s plenty of awesome stuff going on in the valley all the time. Here are a few of our favorite sites about Arizona worth bookmarking! Arizona Historical Society The Arizona Historical Society is the state’s oldest operating historical agency, originally founded in 1864. Their… Read more

Curbing Dental Phobia

Ranked fifth for the most common fears, dental phobia is a common occurrence with children and adults around the world. Who hasn’t been afraid of going to the dentist at least once in their life? The good news, however, is that we can help you overcome fear of the dentist with a few easy steps…. Read more

7 Netflix Instant Films That Will Make You Smile

Antz ‘Every ant has his day’ – DreamWorks’ Antz is an animated feature about an unusually neurotic ant (played by Woody Allen) attempting to transcend the strict rules of his society, all while pining for the attention of the princess. ParaNorman From the curious mind of Tim Burton comes this animated flick about a mischievous… Read more

5 Movies That Will Make You Smile

It’s a simple fact: people love movies. In America alone an average of $9 billion is spent on movies per year. There are movies that make us laugh and movies that make us cry. We prefer movies that make us smile! Whether you enjoy watching movies with the whole family or by yourself curled up… Read more

5 Crazy Facts about Arizona

Arizona has been a state for just over a century, in the past 100 years our state has had a lot of interesting history. From the copper industry that brought people here to the rock stars that call Arizona home we’ve got some crazy facts about Arizona. We’re a Rock n’ Roll State Many rock… Read more

Finding the Best Family Dentist

Let’s face it, finding a dentist to accommodate your entire family is serious business. Between working long hours at work, endless extracurricular activities and everything else – who has the time to find the best option for the oral health of your family? Finding a family dentist may not be at the top of your… Read more

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Tooth Decay

Tooth decay is caused by a combination of bacteria and a build up of food within your mouth. If left untreated, tooth decay can lead to cavities and possibly other oral diseases. If you think you knew everything about tooth decay, guess again. Here’s a list of five things you didn’t know about tooth decay…. Read more

What Happens When Cavities Go Untreated

Cavities are a result of tooth decay and can become a painful nuisance. We always insist that our patients get their cavities filled as soon as they are discovered. A cavity can be compared to an infection. A result of tooth decay, cavities are composed of harmful bacteria which combined with an acidic environment, attack… Read more